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Parita & Deepanshu

Residence Owner

"Working with Akshita and her studio for our first Bangalore home was an absolute delight! She magically transformed our place into the home we dreamed of - the perfect palette, mid-century furniture, and very thoughtful styling. We cant reccomend Akshita more strongly - she understands your needs, keeps your constraints in mind and brings it all together beautifully!"

Siddhant Singhal

Residence Owner

"Akshita and her team were great.

They really took the time to understand my style and helped me express myself in my home. They did an amazing job blending the old with the new. I would definitely recommend working with them!"

Donata Bathroom.JPG
Sanchita Wahi

Residence Owner

Studio Goya has amazing aesthetics and design, but that's only part of the reason I chose them. My reason was largely the heart and soul the team provides which beats everything lese for me. Their ability to mould my personality. and vision into what they envisioned is unparalelled. Lots can design, only some can design for 'you'. Thank you Akshita.

Biki & Anu Gogoi

Residence Owner

Coming Soon!

Arushi Chhabra

Founder @ Sunday - The Spa

"It is extremely rare to find a person so like minded. Someone with fine taste and the thirst to understand the business before designing it.

Akshita’s design is minimal, sustainable & detailed. 

Sums up my experience with Studio Goya, rather the lady behind it, Akshita."

Debanjan Kundu

Founder @ Meraki Spa & Wellness

"A lot of what our spas are today is because of Studio Goya. We at Meraki sell experiences and Akshita suggested a sensorial spatial design. The design team is very professional with a keen eye for detail. Our clients love to be in the space and are totally captivated by it! A big part of our success is attributable to Studio Goya."

Harsha Reddy

Founder @ Soros Coffee

It was very interesting to work with Akshita and the team. They could understand our design requirements and worked with it very well and superseded our expectation! They were very enthusiastic, well informed with quick turnaround timelines and zero margin of error on design. All these processes made it very easy for us to implement the design. This design came to be one of the most Instagrammable places in Bangalore!

Nishank N Sheth

Founder @ Tea Villa Cafe

"It was a real pleasure working with Studio Goya and Akshita. She understood our vision for the cafe and result was better than what we had envisioned. Since the team is young, creative and enthusiastic they gave us a lot of out of the box ideas eg: the swing seater which is a total crowd favourite!"


Founder @ Soulspace

"After going back and forth with many designers, us collaborating with Studio Goya was one of the best decisions.

Akshita has an an amazing sense of design and taste. She exactly knew what we were envisioning and she brought it to life and had a complete understanding of what the final outcome should look like. The level of confidence & trust she put into the project during the execution stage was impeccable. She was patient, understanding, flexible and cooperative through the entire process and has an amazing eye for detail.

We are absolutely looking forward to collaborating with Studio Goya for our future projects."

Prithvi & Saakshi Tejavath

Residence Owner

We were lucky to have bumped into Studio Goya via social media. After checking out their minimalist and clean designs on Instagram we approached Akshita! Their process is very structured and based on our vision they came up with a mood board. They took no time to understand our colours, style and vibe. What we liked most about the team is that they are big on detailing (plans, BOQ's, renders). They would always share the pros and cons of using materials versus popular ones! They got us great deals by negotiating like lionesses! The team was always ready with alternate solutions. All in all we are very impressed with her strong work ethic, passion towards deign and good sense of humor which made it very easy for us to work together! With gratitude, Saakshi and Prithvi 

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