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Meet The Team


Akshita Mehra


Sonya Verghese

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Akila  S

Creative Director

Easily Amused | Ambivert | Seeker


All about experiential design.

As within, so without.

A sucker for organising, detailing & alignment.

Visual storyteller.

As grateful as can be.

Interior Design Lead

Passionate | Curious | Hodophile

Aspiring to create mindful, meaningful, and memorable spatial experiences. It may look I'm doing nothing, but in my head, I'm very busy. 

Travel Junkie, always up for a new adventure.

Cheesecake lover. Peoples person.

When I'm not designing, you'll find me either baking, singing or on the badminton court.

Interior Design Lead

Architect turned interior designer with event design experience.
Embraces clean aesthetics that weave a story.
Coffee Enthusiast.
Always looking for the quiet spots in nature for photography and hiking.


Juhita V

Naheed A

Interior Design Assistant

Cat Mom \ Endlessly Inquisitive \ Frame Capturer

Believes in creating functional and aesthetic spaces.

Perfectionist meets Procrastinator.

Watching crime and serial killer documentaries are oddly satisfying.

Always taking the scenic route.

I dabble in cooking for fun every now and then.

Past Collaborators

Shreya Lal


Pratyusha K

Shreya Javalgi


Bhargavi T


Anmol Uppal


Prerana Desai


Lavanya Prasad


Sanithra Raju

Grishma G

Usha Wadhwani

Tanvi K

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