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Meet The Team


Akshita Mehra


Anmol Uppal


Pratyusha K

Creative Director

Easily Amused | Ambivert | Seeker

All about experiential design.

A sucker for organising, detailing

& alignment.

Geoffrey Bawa fanatic.

Can not live without potatoes.

As grateful as can be.

Says 'Ummm' a lot.

Architect & Interior Design Lead

Buoyant | Candid | Mellow

A sucker for dreamy views.

Admires lush, sublime spaces.

Contemplating the balance between less & more.

Bi-petual but secretly a cat herself.

Sings sometimes.

Interior Design Lead

Avid Traveler | Explorer | Problem Solver

Analyst turned designer.

Applies a problem solving approach to design.

Loves all things minimal,colourful & mundane.

When not in office can be found hiking in the mountains.


Shreya Lal


Sonya Verghese

Bhargavi Talluri

Interior Design Assistant

Passionate | Curious | Hodophile

Aspiring to create mindful, meaningful, and memorable spatial experiences. It may look I'm doing nothing, but in my head, I'm very busy. 

Travel Junkie, always up for a new adventure.

Cheesecake lover. Peoples person.

When I'm not designing, you'll find me either baking, singing or on the badminton court.

Interior Design Assistant


Interior Design Assistant

Creative | Shopaholic | Bookworm

A curious designer who believes everyday is a learning experience. Lover of maximalism and good aesthetics. 

I might look like I'm listening, but deep down, I might be making my shopping list while sipping on my Pina Colada.

Past Collaborators

Prerana Desai


Lavanya Prasad


Sanithra Raju

Grishma G

Usha Wadhwani

Tanvi K

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