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Goya in Urdu translates to 'The amazement & disbelief that occurs in good story telling; a story that feels like reality.'


Our work reflects quiet, understated, handcrafted luxury with a hint of nostalgia for the discerning user. 

Our founder and creative director Akshita Mehra says 'design is about discovery and we are a curious bunch who believe that spaces are like stories that encourage conversations.

We prioritize functionality over appearance and trust that design is a culture. We aim to focus on usability, accessibility and sustainability thereby making our designs responsible. Our work is deeply affected by observation and behavioral patterns of humans.

We love to take on challenges, question and look for solutions to problems. This helps us in the process of continually learning and evolving to be better designers.

We do not follow trends and aim to make each design unparalleled. We attempt to create thoughtful spaces and feel that our designs should be a medium of visual expression


Our Manifesto


We strive to be genuine, authentic & real.

We believe in working hard but living well. We choose joy, positivity and good energy.


We are in this journey together as a family. Our clients, carpenters, execution teams, vendors. We believe in inclusion within the company and community.



We believe in pushing ourselves and thinking outside the box. We are constantly striving to create new experiences.


We are intentional in our plan to succeed and clear in our expectations, hence give efficiency utmost importance. We plan before we execute.


We want to empower the people on our team to be as self-sufficient as possible, for our carpenters & other teams to grow and for everyone to have opportunities and be the best versions of themselves.


We are thankful for the opportunities we have, the people we work with and all experiences that come our way.

We want to grow every single day of our lives and help others grow, not only in the field of design but even in life.

We strive for professional & personal growth.

Our only competition is who we were yesterday.


We believe in open, honest communication at the studio and transparency with the clients.



We believe in being kind to everyone, be it our clients, our vendors, our contractors & carpenters, or even each other. Most importantly, we believe in being kind to ourselves.


More often than not we find ourselves rushing to complete work, or from one site to another. We believe its important to pause, breathe & realign.


We believe this is a safe space for ideas, thoughts and most importantly your personality, with no judgements.

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