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  • Where is your design studio located?

Our studio is located in Indiranagar, Bangalore, India.

2484, 16th Main Road, Indiranagar, HAL 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560038

  • Do you practice Architecture?

We practice only Interior Architecture & Design at the studio.

  • How old is your studio?

We started the studio in 2016.

  • What size projects do you take up?

The minimum square footage we require to take on for any project is 2500 sft.

  • What does your scope of work involve?

We get involved in the demolition & construction, electricals, plumbing, false ceiling, flooring, fixed carpentry, loose furniture & styling

  • What and how long does the design process take?

Our design process involves layout planning, mood boards, 3D's, detail drawings, material selections and BOQ's (bill of quantity). This entire process takes a minimum of 3-4 months before we begin any work at site.

  • Who will design our project?

Creative Director Akshita Mehra along with a team of 1 Design Lead and 1 Design Assistant will be designing the project.

All communication/updates over email & text will happen with the design lead and design assistant.

For larger scale projects above 5000 sft the team will be selected based on the requirement.

  • Can we see any executed projects?

To maintain the privacy of our clients we do not showcase any completed projects. Incase, we have a running site where the client is comfortable with you visiting, we can show you the work-in-progress. However, you can view the pictures of our projects on our website & Instagram to get an understanding.

  • How soon can you start the project after our first conversation?

To maintain a specific quality we take on a limited number of projects in a year. We generally put clients on a waitlist based on the schedule, unless we are free to take a project on immediately.

  • When do you do the first site visit?

We only do the first site visit upon being signed on officially for the project.

  • Do you follow a specific design style?

We do not follow any specific style and are open to take up new challenges in terms of design direction. We like to create spaces along the preferred design language of the client, unless they are open to giving us a free hand.

  • How many design options do you give us for a project?

We do not give more than 2 options for each space. Any option beyond that is chargeable.

  • What is your design fees and how do you charge?

We propose a design fee to the client after having a detailed discussion with them over the phone/in person in regard to the area, scope of work, timelines & budgets.

  • Do you take up construction and execution for the project?

No, we do not. We help appoint suitable contractors for the execution of the space.

  • Do you supervise your projects?

We do not undertake supervision, bill checking, project management but do site visits once every 10 days. We are however in regular contact with our contractors and get site updates to make sure everything is happening as per our detailed drawings.

  • At what point should we approach/reach out to you?

It is always advisable that you reach out to us at a minimum of 8 months in advance. We take a minimum of 3- 4 months to design and the execution could take between 4-5 months. This however is solely dependent on the level of detail of the project and the square footage.

  • Do you take up furniture design and styling for interior projects?

We do not take up furniture design and styling/decoration for projects. We do these as a part for our interior design projects but as a chargeable service.

  • Do you take up projects outside of Bangalore?

Yes, we take up projects pan-India. 

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