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Soulspace - Bed & Bath Linen

Soulspace is a Bed & Bath Linen Store located on MG Road, Bangalore. It stands bold, amidst the compact city spaces, boasting a prominent Arch geometry facade that lends to its unique look. Akshita Mehra Founder and Principal Designer at Studio Goya believes that every space tells a story. A testament to her functional yet opulent design ethos, Soulspace flaunts clean lines that mirror a minimalist modern aesthetic. 


The initial space was very cramped with low ceiling heights. The bedding and linen products were disorganized and arranged haphazardly. Having too many zones in the space broke it up further and disrupted the circulation. The long display tables that stretched end to end, blocked the circulation and looked extremely monotonous. 


The first design intervention was getting rid of the false ceiling to give the space a more expansive feel. Following that, the zones were clubbed together to give the space a more homogenous feel, while the brands along with their products were segregated and assigned to separate display units with proper brand signage. These interventions made the customer journey more efficient and aided to the overall shopping experience.


The entire store is engulfed in the colour Salmon, with soft arches, delicate brass accents and repetitive linear mouldings. “We wanted to choose an unconventional colour palette, that is fun, yet compliments the colour scheme of a variety of colours and textures of the bed & bath linen”, says Akshita. “Choosing the colour was a massive challenge and we’re so glad it turned out the way it has!” The wood flooring used throughout the entire space exhibits a clean, minimalist style letting the salmon colour take over.


The plain finishes and linear fluted textures modulate the quality of light, showing each space in its true essence. Using arches in the space was important, as it visually draws attention to the height of the walls making the space look tall adding a look of grandeur. Keeping the display units the same colour as the walls, brought a lot of depth and dimension to the room. The delicate curvilinear forms are also seen in the furniture used in the space.


The more minimal the space, the more detailing it requires. The moulding details along with the soft brass accents make the space delicate yet edgy. Quirky artefacts and curios brighten up the shelves, while the custom designed statement bed draws attention and adds character to the space. Soulspace is a perfect example of design that is harmonious with functionality and aesthetics.

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