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Songs of Sunset

Nestled in a quiet gated-community, Songs of Sunset sings the tune of a bright summer paradise home that is powerful, impactful yet serene with lush green gardens and aqua blue waters. The design is very rich, textural, whimsy and soulful, with each space telling a unique story.

The living room uses different shades of blue ranging from Indigo, Cerulean blue to Oxford blue. We used them to add sophistication, luxe, tranquillity - soothing to the eye and to the mind. Structurally the entire ground floor is an open plan, but to maintain some privacy we introduced a sliding folding door in between the kitchen and dining area.

The library was an enclosed room tucked away and to bring it to light, we broke the walls and connected it to the common staircase, welcoming you to come read, relax and soak up some Sunlight. The riser of the staircase is adorned in White Indian Marble cut it into smaller rectangles with cement grouting, that glistens in the midday light.

For the master bedroom we chose a Neutral palette of taupe, ivory, powder blue with delicate brass accents. A Teak brown Chevron pattern wooden engineered flooring acts as a base canvas to this ethereal room with its rich textures. A draped panel suspended on brass rods, which acts as a perfect backdrop detail behind the headboard.

The Tropical Chic Terrace Bar Area has a floating bar against a customised eclectic wallpaper which acts as the main protagonist of the space. The bar floor is adorned in Kadappa stones cut in uneven organic shapes. To stick to the whole Bali-esque vibe, we created a splash pool in the outdoor Terrace area with green pool tiles, straying away from the conventional blue tile look.

Overall, the design elicits a mood of nostalgia, charm and whimsy. It is a verdant sanctuary for the romantics with a sense of intrigue. The aura of the space perfectly describes a home with a soul filled with artful magic.

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