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Meraki Spa & Wellness

Meraki Spa & Boutique is a 2000 sft oasis of calm tucked away in a quaint street off of St. Marks' Road, Bangalore. The clients brief was an unadulterated and raw space that exudes luxury. The language of the space is delicate and intimate. 

Meraki means 'to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put a piece of yourself into your work' which was a driving force for us. There was a lot of play involved with the volumes and spaces as we built the entire mezzanine floor and yet tried to keep both the floors closely connected through the double height zone. The pristine white space has a linear courtyard like entrance which then opens into a large volume of the double height space with an array of hanging pendant lights made using bamboo baskets. The traditional hand-woven dhurries sourced from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh display exquisite craftsmanship and have been used in a different context adding rich textures to the spa. Traditional features such as the Athangudi Tiles sourced from Tamil Nadu, niches in the Spa Therapy Rooms inspired from Indian Motifs, natural Tandoor stone for the reception desk and local bamboo baskets ground the project yet add to the elegance.

Despite white being used largely in the space the warmth is brought in with the materials, colour tones, lighting and fabrics.The space is a sensory mix of textures and tones along with beautiful aromas that engulf the space. By infusing ideas and influences from India we have tried to maintain a balance between a modern approach with traditional accents to keep the project rooted.

The intent was to allow each client go home with a feeling of calm and tranquillity. 


Ground Floor Layout

Meraki Layout.jpg

Mezzanine Layout

Meraki Meazzanine.jpg
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