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Casa Vistosa 

Bold, bright and colourful, is what describes this gorgeous Bangalore villa, that would be any Bridgerton fan’s dream home. Casa Vistosa, a Spanish name for a ‘colourful, eye-catching home’, perfectly describes this understated maximal villa.

Looking at the needs of the client, and the tight floor plan, a lot of changes were made to the original spatial layout. The unused parking area was extended into the interior of the space to be used as a kitchen, creating more space for a cramped dining cum kitchen. The client wanted to use the terrace as a multifunctional room, so we created a closed structure with a roof that served as a yoga space in the morning and a media room in the evening.

The entire home is bold and eclectic with the luxury coming in through the details and textures. Soft Suede, Silks, Statuario marble & Brass are stand out materials of this Hollywood Regency themed home.

The spaces are simple & neutral with a protagonist in each room – from the wall mural in the dining area or the oversized brass mirrors in the master bathroom or the Sabyasachi by Nilaya wallpaper in the master bedroom. The scheme of the space revolves around these standout elements weaving a  story around it. The Master bedroom flaunts salmon, turquoise and woody tones while the Master bathroom is a chic mix of monochromes and brass accents. The second bedroom on the first floor uses deep navy-blue Moroccan tiles offset with rattan and ochre accents.

While the structure and windows resemble English architecture, we blended Indian patterns, Spanish tiles, French mouldings, furniture designs and artefacts within the same space to amalgamate different cultures together.

With so many different design stories, it's a wonder how this eclectic Villa manages to harmoniously stitch all of them together, under one roof.

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