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Cafe Botaniq

Located bang in the middle of the bustling 100 feet road Indiranagar, Bangalore, you will chance upon a cosy, distinguished, up-scale cafe which goes by the name of Cafe Botaniq. 


As the name suggests the inspiration is all botanical and the colours borrowed are from the same palette. Tropical green set off by warm beech wood & cane chairs, a deep bottle green leatherette sofa , white plastered walls, neutral Kota flooring, white Terrazzo with oversized green marble chip table tops, plant motif fabric,  banana-fibre paper lights and a few brass accents. 


One of the highlight features of the space is the 12 feet wall flanked by various frames of pressed leaf artwork created by us at the studio especially for this project. The custom brass light feature atop the couch seating serves as a beautiful botanical installation and yet provides warm, moody, ambient lighting to the space. With ample sunlight entering the space from  the 3 sides it brightens the mood of the environment, embodies the outdoors and yet is seemingly chic. Arched windows create a focal point in the space reflecting the beautiful tree & scenery of the outdoors. It is an attempt to merge the outdoors into the indoors very effortlessly. The space has a rich and bold colour palette and is yet very muted in its experience.


The cafe is a 500 square feet space which accommodates about 22 people. As the brand suggests, the interiors resonate the same dialogue & voice - Fresh. Lush. Chic

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