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Studio Goya is an interior architecture and design studio based out of Bangalore, India.


 Our portfolio comprises of residential, hospitality, F&B and retail projects.

We aim to make make each project distinctive and customised to the clients needs by giving them a functional space with unique aesthetics.

Our core design philosophy is to provide a sensorial and experiential design.

Why choose us as your Interior Designers?






What is our Interior Design Process?

Connect & Understand

We meet and understand the clients interior design requirements. We then move onto assessing the space. That is followed by the layout planning and mood board.

Brainstorm & Ideate

We work on the conceptualisation and design iteration. We provide interior design solutions to suit the needs of the space and help create an experience. 

Design & Create

We do a 3D design, technical drawings and select materials for the project. We get involved in the details of every inch of the interiors.

Site Visits and Checking

We help identify an interior design contractor, get the BOQ approved by client and do checking of interior work at site.





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