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Sunday - The Spa

Sunday – The Spa is an earth-vedic spa which focuses on organic treatments and luxury Ayurveda. The brand is simple, organic, raw and we have translated and interpreted it into a visual language.  


‘Sunday’ takes inspiration from the word 'maati' in hindi meaning mud/earth.

We have taken Terracotta as our base material and used it in various forms such as floor and wall tiles, textures, pots and accents. The space reflects the warmth and rawness of the earths soil. The textures are unfinished and unadulterated.


Visually, the space is a burst of terracotta red with offsets of emerald green which is borrowed from the logo – a Eucalyptus leaf stalk.

Slatted teak adorns the tall doors with large fluid door handles and brushed copper is used for the delicate frame of the mirrors.

Intricate tiles adorn the ceiling to give it a luxurious feel which is offset by the earthy hues and textures. 

The project has pushed us to re-use and refurbish a lot of the already existing furniture and wood making it a vastly sustainable project. The wall finishes too have used red-earth which help retain the organic nature of the material without the use of paint and chemicals.

The space is sensorial in nature and the experience is as close to spending time with the earth and the soil.


Sunday Spa_edited.jpg
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